Our Services

Our company C&M Energy Applications Ltd employs qualified, well-trained and experienced personnel to provide its services in the local market which includes the following:

  • The design, supply and installation of solar underfloor heating by using selective coating thermal panels, heat pump, condensing boiler, fireplaces, gas boiler and geothermal technology
  • The design, supply and installation of thermal selective panels for heating pools with the help of the sun in residential and hotel units.
  • The design, supply and installation of any other systems, such as heating and cooling, hot water use, pressure systems and automation.
  • The design, supply and installation of photovoltaic systems and small wind turbines for residential premises away from the network, and for investors who have large rooftops or factories terraces and are seeking additional income.
  • The supply of LED lamps in houses, buildings, hotels, and photovoltaic street lamps.
  • The supervision during the installation work on site to assure the desired outcome.
  • The design and consulting services for energy saving in existing or new buildings and houses for heating, cooling and electricity.
  • Prompt service and after sales technical support.